‘A Bad Day,’ by Ron Kolm

A Bad Day

I blew out the front tire of my bike, trying to hop it over the curb at 6th Street and Avenue C.

“Fucking shit,” I muttered, dismounting to check out the bent spokes and twisted rim.  I’d have to walk my busted bike back to my apartment building, then carry it up the four flights to my cluttered railroad flat where I’d try to fix it.

Freeze,” a guy with a brown bag over his forearm hissed. “I got a gun in here that says I now own some wheels.  Take your hands off the bike and walk away and don’t look back or I’ll fucking kill you!”

I returned to my apartment to find the door kicked in and the lock smashed.  All of my good stuff, such as it was, was gone.

I walked over to Avenue A and bought a new lock and a sandwich and then went back to my building.  As I entered a voice called out from the darkness under the stairwell: “Stick ‘em up!”

What the fuck!” I said, “I just got robbed! I got nothing left!”

“What’s in the bag?” the voice asked.

“A new lock and a sandwich,” I answered.

“Hand ‘em over,” the voice said.

“Can I at least keep the sandwich?” I asked.

“No,” the voice answered.

— Ron Kolm

From Mad Hat Lit, July 17, 2014

‘Ricky,” by J. Boyett

'Ricky,' by J. Boyett. Available from CreateSpace.

‘Ricky,’ by J. Boyett. Available from CreateSpace.

Ricky, a new thriller from J. Boyett, on sale July 14 2014.

Ricky’s hoping to begin a new life upon his release from prison; but on his second day out, someone murders his sister. Determined to find his sister’s killer, but with no idea how to go about it, Ricky follows a dangerous path, led by clues that may only be in his mind.

Mark McCawley on Arklight

A musical overview of Arklight, by Mark McCawley
Danny Kolm, Gregory Kolm and Max Kostaras are three twentysomethings who’ve lived their whole lives in Queens, NYC. Danny and Greg are brothers who started playing music together in 2003 under the name Arklight, releasing dozens of cassettes and Cdrs on small independent labels. Their early sound was a harsh mix of no wave noise, free jazz energy and punk psychedelia. Various friends filled in the lineup, with Danny playing guitar and Greg manning the drums, until 2013 when Max, a childhood friend and sometimes collaborator, became a permanent member on lead guitar. It was then that their sound shifted to reflect a burgeoning interest in songwriting, structure and improved musicianship. For inspiration, Arklight looked to the music they grew up on and loved, including Neil Young, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Velvet Underground, Nick Cave and Beat Happening. They hope to continue their development and follow the muse wherever it may lead them.

From Urban Graffiti, July 10, 2014

“Astor Place Station,” by Ron Kolm

Astor Place Station

I’d just dropped off

Some consignment stuff

At St. Mark’s Bookshop

And had fifteen minutes to make it

To Grand Central Terminal

Or I’d be late for work.

I got to the ornate

Astor Place entrance

To the uptown local and froze—

A sea of commuters

Poured up the steps

And broke around me

Like a wave on the beach.

I’d just missed a train.

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